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Wrong-Way Driver Killed After Making a U-Turn, Slams Into Divider and Burst Into Flames

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 5:00 pm    

car accident in 91 Freeway

Photo via Southern California News Service

A driver was killed on Sunday when the car made a U-turn on the on the 91 Freeway in California.

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) dispatcher, the car struck a concrete divider head-on and burst into flames.

The CHP received a call at approximately 4:43 AM about a car heading westbound in the eastbound lane of the 91. CHP dispatcher Samantha Brown said that the driver made a U-turn near the Lakeview Avenue exit in Anaheim Hills.

Tragedy at Dawn

The driver was apparently speeding and heading up through the Anaheim freeway where they crashed into a central divider nearby Euclid Street exit.

All lanes were closed for about an hour and the westbound side was later opened after firefighters put out the flames. At 9:25 AM, the freeway was entirely open.

Wrong-way driver killed when car makes U-turn on 91 Freeway

Photo via Southern California News Service

Details of the Person Involved are Still Unknown

The driver’s identity is still under investigation and it’s still not clear if there was alcohol or drugs involved in the incident.

Wrong-Way Crash on the 91 Freeway in Anaheim Prior to the Incident

This is the second wrong-way accident on the 91 Freeway on the same day.

The CHP received a call at 3:01 AM about a car going the wrong way (eastbound to westbound lane) neary Gypsum Canyon Road and 211 toll road. The result was a multi-vehicle crash that left four people hospitalized. Two victims suffered major injuries.

A man who was suspected to be driving under the influence was arrested after hitting another vehicle that was stopped in traffic during the aftermath of the collision.

All lanes were open again at 4:47 AM.

Curbing Wrong-Way Driving

The Highway Federal Administration has provided a list of agencies and their respective programs and methodologies in keeping wrong way driving at bay from Guidelines for Reducing Wrong-Way Crashes on Freeways to Wrong-Way Driving Special Investigation Report compiled by the National Transportation Safety Board.

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Incidents like wrong-way driving are often caused by a person’s negligence. Losing a loved one in this type of accident is devastating. Let our car accident lawyers at Williams Kherkher help fight for you and bring justice to your side.

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UL Lafayette Volunteer Coach and One Other Killed in 18 Wheeler Truck Wreck

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2019 at 4:56 pm    

Car Wreck

A volunteer assistant coach was killed in a five-vehicle wreck on Interstate 10. Geri Ann Glasco was the daughter of University of Louisiana at Lafayette softball coach Gerry Glasco and was one of the two people killed in the wreck that happened on Thursday.

“We are devastated by this news, and are focused on supporting Coach Glasco and Vickie, their family and our softball program,” UL Director of Athletics Bryan Maggard said. “We all loved Geri Ann and the spirit she brought to the Ragin’ Cajuns family while positively impacting our student-athletes. We are praying for the Glasco family during this remarkably difficult time.”

Geri Ann Shows Great Potential as Both Athlete and Coach

Geri Ann Glasco

Image via BRENT DRINKUT/Statesman Journal

The softball community is devastated of her passing.

Alisa Goler Perrin, Penn State assistant coach and former Georgia softball player said that the Glasco family are “some of the most genuine and kind-hearted people.”

“My heart is broken. We are devastated by this news, and are focused on supporting Coach Glasco and Vickie, their family and our softball program,” UL Director of Athletics Bryan Maggard said. “We all loved Geri Ann and the spirit she brought to the Ragin’ Cajuns family while positively impacting our student-athletes. We are praying for the Glasco family during this remarkably difficult time.”

Alabama’s Staci Ramsey also gave her prayers to Glasco’s family through Twitter. The rest followed suit, including The National Pro Fastpitch and Syracuse assistant coach Miranda Kramer.

“The NPF extends its deepest condolences to @RaginCajunsSB & the family of Geri Ann Glasco, who was killed this morning in a car accident. The 20th overall pick in the 2016 NPF Draft, she was a tremendous influence of the game of softball & will be dearly missed by our community.” NPF said from their Twitter account.

Miranda Kramer tweeted: “It is a sad day in the softball world. My thoughts and prayers go out to @GerryGlasco and the UL family. Geri Ann will be so deeply missed. I will definitely be holding my loved ones a little bit tighter today!”

A Crash that Ended Geri Ann’s Life

The crash that ended Geri Ann’s life happened after 1:00 AM on Thursday involving an 18-wheeler truck that failed to slow down when it encountered a traffic the I-10. The driver hit the back of a Dodge Ram driven by Brian McNeil who also died from his injuries.

Glasco’s 2017 Ford Escape struck the back of a second 18-wheeler.

Officials are still investigating the main cause of the accident.

Truck and Cars – A Deadly Highway Combination

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fatal Analysis Reporting System (FARS) shows that most deaths in large truck crashes are passenger vehicle occupants.  Trucks often weigh 20-30 times as much as passenger cars, which alone can be a cause of fatalities in car wrecks involving smaller vehicles. The capability of a truck’s brakes can be another factor. Poorly maintained brakes or slippery roads create greater risks, as does driver fatigue and substance abuse.

Losing Someone in a Vehicle Accident

Cases involving big rig trucks are usually more complex than accidents involving only passenger vehicles. 18-Wheeler truck accidents typically involve more than two parties. If a truck driver works in a transportation agency, their employer may be liable for the accident. However, cases like these are time sensitive and seeking the help of a trusted law firm is essential.

Williams Kherkher has been helping truck accident victims since 1983.  We also handle cases such as workplace accidents, explosions, car accidents, and construction injuries. Call us now at (888) 220-0640 for a free consultation.

Killeen Man Strikes Truck, Causes 5-Vehicle Accident that Killed 2 People

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2019 at 1:29 pm    

Car Accidents

A five-vehicle accident that left two people dead is currently under investigation near Lafayette Parish.

According to the Louisiana State Troopers, the accident happened after 1:00 AM Thursday on eastbound I-10 east of Louisiana Avenue.

Crash that Caused a Chain Reaction

The 18-wheeler truck involved was driven by William Rawlings of Killeen, Texas. Rawlings had encountered a slowdown on I-10 and wasn’t able to stop in time, hitting the back of a Dodge Ram driven by 45-year-old Kenneth McNeil. This resulted in a chain reaction of vehicles, including a Ford Escape driven by 24-year-old Geri Glasco who then crashed into the 18-wheeler.

Both McNeil and Glasco died from their injuries.

Fatal Crashes in Louisiana

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) compiles yearly data on car accidents for each state. Louisiana’s fatal traffic accidents involved over 400 passenger vehicle fatalities, followed by pedestrian incidents amounting to 127 fatalities. Motorcycles and bicycles came in with 99 and 22 fatalities respectively.

Causes of Fatal Accidents in Louisiana

  • Intoxicated drivers
  • Speeding
  • Neglecting to use a seat belt

How to Stay Safe While Driving on a Highway

Highways have more fatalities than cities. They also have dangers from wrong-way driving by other motorists and unexpected traffic collisions.

It’s essential to understand road safety and be prepared when driving on highways.

Make sure you have enough gas

Ensure you have enough gas on your trip or plan a fuel stop on your way. Running out of gas on a highway poses a risk of getting hit or run over.

Always wear a seatbelt

Not wearing a seatbelt is one of the common causes of vehicle fatalities.

Eyes on the road

Distracted driving is another cause of highway accidents.  Do not text, email or talk on the phone when driving.

Obey traffic signs and laws

Traffic signs and laws exist for your safety. Other causes of fatalities on the road are drivers who don’t obey these laws.

Be alert

Anything can happen while you’re on the road–an accident in front of you, a car careening off the highway, an item falling from a truck, animals running across the road, etc. Keep your eyes on the road and stay aware.

Traffic Fatalities and the Law.

Families who have lost their loved one in a highway accident should seek the help of a lawyer. The attorneys at Williams Kherkher specialize in personal injury cases, including truck accidents, workplace injuries and wrongful death.

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Woman Killed in Norman, Oklahoma Train Accident

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 1:18 pm    

Train Accident in Norman

An Amtrak train heading northbound collided with a vehicle in Norman, Oklahoma, killing the driver.

Female Victim Not Identified Yet

The female driver was the only occupant of the vehicle which headed west at the time of the incident.

Investigators Responded to the Scene and Checked the Train

Gary Stoner of Oklahoma City was one of the passengers on the train which was on its final stop from Fort Worth TX. “There was a quick stop and the train smelled of some kind of smoke, which was probably the brakes being applied,” he said.

Stoner said that the train personnel told passengers they had hit a vehicle. There were responders on the scene after the train was taken to a safer location nearby.  Stoner and the other passengers waited for two hours while the collision site and train were checked by investigators.

Amtrak passenger railroad service

Statement from Amtrak

The passenger railroad service released a statement saying that “There were no reported injuries to the 40 passengers and crew members on board. The Amtrak Police cooperated with Norman Police Department to investigate the incident.”

“Amtrak Heartland Flyer train 822 was on its way from Fort Worth, Texas to Oklahoma City at approx. 9:01 p.m. CT on Friday, January 18, when it came into contact with an occupied vehicle obstructing the tracks at mp 405.3 at a crossing in Norman, Oklahoma.”

A Brief Look at Train Incidents in the United States

A person or a vehicle is hit nearly 2 hours by a train, according to the National Transportation Safety Bureau rail reports.

Some common rail incidents include:

  • Train to train collisions
  • Train to person collisions
  • Train to car collisions
  • Derailment
  • Property damage

Fatality in Numbers

The US Department of Transportation report indicates that there are about over 5,000 train-car accidents each year. These incidents cause 600 deaths and injuries and more than half of all train fatalities occur at crossings that do not implement safety precautions. Or in this case, there are no safety devices that alert or warn motorists.

Nearly 1,000 individuals are killed in train-related accidents each year, and U.S. rail accident statistics estimate that almost every two weeks a train derailment leads to major catastrophes such as a chemical spill or explosion.

Train Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a train accident or you’ve lost a loved one in a train-related incident, Williams Kherkher can help you get justice compensation for your family. Visit us today to discuss your case with our train accident attorneys or call us for a free consultation today by dialing (713) 230-2200.

Highway 87 Closed Following a Fatal Crash in Galveston County near Bolivar

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 1:05 pm    

fatal crash in Highway 87 Galveston County

Photo via

Highway 87 has been opened as of 9:30 PM, hours after being shut down near Galveston County’s Highway 124 following a fatal accident.

Victim Hit Another Vehicle

The accident happened on Monday afternoon, killing one person. The Department of Public Safety investigated the scene near Bolivar Peninsula.

The victim was traveling westbound on Highway 87 when it hit a construction vehicle. Local officials initially said that the highway could be closed for seven hours due to the crash.

Kimberly Hensley, a resident of Crystal Beach, said the highway isn’t safe to drive on because of the ongoing TxDOT construction project  raising Highway 87.

Tragedy in the Family – Another Texas Highway Incident

A separate incident in Texas left a father and son dead on a highway crash in State Highway 121 near Anna. Chris Perkins and his son Kylan Krick were traveling north at around 7:30 PM Monday on State Highway 121 when Perkins tried to overtake another car near County Road 528 in Collin County.

This is the same intersection where five people were killed in another incident in 2017.

Texas Highway Incident - Williams Kherkher

Texas Road Fatalities Dropped, but Still Top of the List

Since 2017, road deaths in Texas have dropped, but the state has still maintained its spot at the top of the list. Statistic reports released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that over 3,000 individuals died on the streets of Texas and highways last year. It’s a two percent drop from 2016 trailing California–the only other state with over 3,000 roadway deaths in a year.

Due to a 6% drop in California fatal crashes, the Lone Star state took the top spot for road deaths.

There were 673 fewer fatalities in 2017 than 2016 in the following categories:

◆ Passenger car occupants (1.1% decrease)
◆ Van occupants (5.8% decrease)
◆ Pickup truck occupants (4.5% decrease)
◆ Motorcyclists (3.1% decrease)
◆ Pedestrians (1.7% decrease)
◆ Pedal Cyclists (8.1% decrease)
◆ Alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities (1.1% decrease)
◆ Speeding-related fatalities (5.6% decrease)

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