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Mother & Child in Critical Condition Following Vehicular Accident in Houston

Posted on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 at 4:07 am    

On January 8, a mother and a young child got into an accident on South Main Street near Willowbend Boulevard in Houston, Texas. 

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Averiana Momon, a nursing student and a passenger of a passing car at the time of the accident, was able to capture the crash in a video. The video showed a truck sparking and flipping over a concrete barrier to the other side of the road. 

Momon was riding with her cousin, Sean Holland, on their way way to a Waffle House. 

“I saw the sparks from the car on the other side but I really didn’t know what it was until we were passing it up and I told my cousin to stop,” Momon said. 

Holland added, “I remember seeing the truck flip and it landing. I was shocked.”

Two other men helped to pull the mother out from the burning truck while Momon grabbed the little girl. They took the victims immediately to the hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance to arrive. 

As of now, Houston Police are investigating what led to the accident. The victims remain in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital. 

Fatal Crashes in Houston

Based on a recent Houston Chronicle analysis, the region of Houston ranks second for fatal wrecks that involve speeding. 

In fact, there are ten intersections in the area that has a huge amount of traffic where most of the crashes also take place. 

Vehicle Fires

According to witnesses, the truck was already sparking when it crashed, which eventually led to the truck catching fire.

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What could be the causes of trucks to catch fire? 

  • Flaws on the vehicle design – although flaws on the vehicle design may not directly cause fire on its own, it can make conditions ripe for a fire. It may sometimes create conditions when a fire becomes inevitable. 
  • Poor maintenance – a vehicle that is not properly maintained becomes more dangerous thereby increasing the likelihood of a car fire. This is because leaky seals, broken parts, faulty wiring may lead to the cause of fire.
  • Car crashes – a car crash may spark a fire due to the impact. The impact may cause fluid leaks, spillage, heat, and smoke.
  • Overheating catalytic converters – often overlooked, the overheating of catalytic converters is a huge fire risk. These converters overheat when they work too hard to burn off more exhaust pollutants. This happens when the engine isn’t working efficiently. When the catalytic converters overheat, it creates long-term damage not only to itself but also to the surrounding parts. This may ignite the cabin insulation and carpeting.
  • Overheating engines – when an engine overheats, it doesn’t necessarily cause fire right away. Instead, it can make internal fluids rise to critical temperatures and begin to spill out. When this happens, the oils drip throughout the engine bay and onto the exhaust system, landing onto other hot parts, which they may be the cause of a fire. 
  • Spilled fluids – a truck has a number of flammable fluids. Even though they will not catch fire, some incidents such as a crash or failing part may cause them to. 
  • Electrical system failures – this is the second most common cause of vehicle fires. For example, a car battery can cause explosive hydrogen gas to build up in the engine bay while the electrical current from the battery may produce sparks that can easily ignite a fluid drip or leaked vapors. 
  • Fuel system leaks – this is the most common cause of vehicle fires, and is incredibly dangerous. One of the best ways to avoid this is to practice proper car maintenance. 

The Next Best Step Following a Car Accident

To protect your rights, especially when a car accident results in serious physical injuries or death, hiring a personal injury attorney is beneficial to your cause. Having an attorney by your side may help you recover financial compensation. This is especially important as the offending party’s insurance company will be notified about the accident and will find any way possible to devalue the claim. In order to level the playing field, having a good attorney by your side will increase your chances of winning the case. 

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