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Man Found Dead in a Landfill

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 9:31 am    


accidentally being buried in a landfill 52 year old man died

A 52-year-old man was found dead in a landfill on Almonaster Avenue on January 14. According to reports, the man was struck by a tractor

It was around 3:00 p.m. when the workers stopped operation when they noticed the man missing. Apparently, the man worked as a spotter for one of the bulldozer drivers. They called in the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) to help the search for him. 

They found a flag that belonged to the man and eventually, his body was found by a coworker. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Captain Edwin Holmes of the NOFD said, “After locating what was thought to be a flag belonging to the victim, responders barricaded the area and began a search pattern involving digging by hand through the dumpsite.”

Holmes added that the New Orleans Police Department is currently conducting an investigation. 

Mechanical Hazards

In a case like this, machinery that’s not properly guarded is a potentially grisly safety hazard. When body parts get caught in or struck by exposed moving parts or flying objects from machines without protective guards, the results are disastrous. 

Most mechanical hazards happen in these places: 

  • Point of operation
  • Power transmission apparatus
  • Other moving parts

The golden rule to prevent these from happening is to ensure that all machine parts, functions, and process that may cause injury are safeguarded. On the other hand, existing hazards must be eliminated or controlled. Proper operation training along with protective clothing must be provided by the company as well. 

Workplace Injuries 

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), these are the most common workplace injuries: 

  • Sprains, strains or tears
  • Soreness or pain
  • Cuts, lacerations, or punctures

These are the top 3 workplace injury events that result in lost work days:

  • Overexertion (lifting or lowering / repetitive motions)
  • Contact with objects and equipment (struck by or against object / Caught in or compressed by equipment or objects / Struck, caught or crushed in collapsing structure, equipment or material)
  • Slips, trips, and falls (falls to a lower level / falls on the same level)
Workplace Injuries and accidents - williamskherkher

The council also listed the top 5 occupations with the largest number of workplace injuries: 

  • Service
  • Transportation/Shipping
  • Manufacturing/Production
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Construction

Workplace Fatalities

According to the NSC in 2016, fatal work injuries reached 5,190 and it was the first time in nearly a decade to surpass 5,000. While in 2015, the state of Louisiana was included in the list of states with the highest fatality rates. 

Workplace fatalities have a huge impact on families, workplaces, and communities. That is why having proper representation at such a terrible time to ensure the bereaved get the benefits they deserve.

Workplace Accidents: The Importance of Timing

The most crucial time following a workplace accident is the first 24 hours. This means that a huge part of the actionable investigation must be conducted within 24 hours. 

Whether minor or major injuries, it is essential that the accident is reported right away, especially to the loved ones of the victim. 

Workers Compensation Benefits

The workers compensation claims that you are entitled to will depend on the injuries and the details of the case. Benefits may include: 

  • Recovery of a portion of lost wages
  • Medical treatment and coverage of rehabilitation benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation 
  • Other post-accident support

Keep in mind that insurance providers do not have your best interests in heart. In fact, they will do anything in their power to lower your claims. 

Legal Representation

Williams Kherkher has workplace injury attorneys that can help a loved one died in a workplace accident. We will address your concerns and work to secure what you need for help recovering following a workplace fatality. 

By hiring legal presentation, you are taking a crucial step toward your right to sue the company or employer for the incident. Our lawyers will also help thoroughly investigate the accident and determine all sources of compensation that are available to you. 

We understand one of these accidents are life changing. Having a good firm by your side will be helpful to your cause. Contact us today

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