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Man Dies From Explosion At A Natural Gas Site

Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2019 at 12:06 pm    

Explosion At A Natural Gas Site

Randy Yellowman was a 47-year-old man originally from New Mexico who died due to an explosion that took place at a natural gas well located in southwest Colorado. He was working alone at the time and was a contract truck driver for a gas and oil company. The exact cause of the explosion is being investigated.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is leading the investigation and several other agencies are also involved. Tribal Police are also participating in the investigation. The well is located on an Indian Reservation that is approximately 6 miles west of Ignacio and approximately 22 miles Southeast of Durango, Colorado.

It appears that Yellowman was in the process of transferring produced water from one of the tanks to his truck when the explosion happened. This type of water is a byproduct of extracting natural gas. At this time it is believed that the accident happened because of a failure with the water tank.

A Significant Percentage Of Oil And Gas Incidents Lead To Fatalities

Every year nationwide, there are oil and gas incidents that lead to injury and death. In a recent year, more than 10% of those involved in an incident died from their injuries. These fatalities occurred across 14 States. The states with the highest rate of incidents include Texas, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

Most of the workers who died worked for service companies.  It is not uncommon for accidents and fatalities to occur while servicing a well and/or working for drilling companies.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Injury And Fatality In The Oil And Gas Industry?

An estimated 18% of accidents occur while transporting the oil and gas on roadways. Another 15% of accidents happen when an object falls on workers. The incident in southwest Colorado was caused by an explosion.  It’s estimated 15% of oil and gas injuries and fatalities are due to explosions each year.

Fatality In The Oil And Gas Industry Accidents

What Is The FOG Database?

The Fatalities in the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry (FOG) is a system for collecting data that keeps an ongoing collection of information related to accidents and fatalities within the oil and gas industry. The hope is that this information will allow the industry to develop safety practices to reduce injuries and fatalities. This collection of information is used by employers, the government and OSHA.

The data includes all workers that are directly or indirectly involved in the oil and gas industry. Regardless of whether they are in the exploration of petroleum or natural gas, working with wells, or other areas of the industry, they are included in this data. The data includes workers who are paid based on contracts or a fee basis. If a worker is included in this data and is fatally injured then it will be tracked by this system.

How Is FOG Different From The Information Maintained By The Bureau Of Labor Statistics?

FOG is a collection of data specifically related to the oil and gas industry and most specifically with regard to fatalities that happen within that industry. This collection of data includes information that would not be typically maintained with Bureau of Labor Statistics. For instance, there is tracking on employees that suffer cardiac events because it has been found that being exposed to certain chemicals can lead to an event that mimics cardiac failure.

FOG data reveals that an average of eight fatalities occur monthly in the oil and gas industry, and almost half of were in service work.  The next largest group were with individuals working for drilling companies.

Explosion Accident Lawsuit

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