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Highway 87 Closed Following a Fatal Crash in Galveston County near Bolivar

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 1:05 pm    

fatal crash in Highway 87 Galveston County

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Highway 87 has been opened as of 9:30 PM, hours after being shut down near Galveston County’s Highway 124 following a fatal accident.

Victim Hit Another Vehicle

The accident happened on Monday afternoon, killing one person. The Department of Public Safety investigated the scene near Bolivar Peninsula.

The victim was traveling westbound on Highway 87 when it hit a construction vehicle. Local officials initially said that the highway could be closed for seven hours due to the crash.

Kimberly Hensley, a resident of Crystal Beach, said the highway isn’t safe to drive on because of the ongoing TxDOT construction project  raising Highway 87.

Tragedy in the Family – Another Texas Highway Incident

A separate incident in Texas left a father and son dead on a highway crash in State Highway 121 near Anna. Chris Perkins and his son Kylan Krick were traveling north at around 7:30 PM Monday on State Highway 121 when Perkins tried to overtake another car near County Road 528 in Collin County.

This is the same intersection where five people were killed in another incident in 2017.

Texas Highway Incident - Williams Kherkher

Texas Road Fatalities Dropped, but Still Top of the List

Since 2017, road deaths in Texas have dropped, but the state has still maintained its spot at the top of the list. Statistic reports released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that over 3,000 individuals died on the streets of Texas and highways last year. It’s a two percent drop from 2016 trailing California–the only other state with over 3,000 roadway deaths in a year.

Due to a 6% drop in California fatal crashes, the Lone Star state took the top spot for road deaths.

There were 673 fewer fatalities in 2017 than 2016 in the following categories:

◆ Passenger car occupants (1.1% decrease)
◆ Van occupants (5.8% decrease)
◆ Pickup truck occupants (4.5% decrease)
◆ Motorcyclists (3.1% decrease)
◆ Pedestrians (1.7% decrease)
◆ Pedal Cyclists (8.1% decrease)
◆ Alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities (1.1% decrease)
◆ Speeding-related fatalities (5.6% decrease)

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