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Local Construction Worker Died After Falling from Amazon Warehouse

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 9:32 am    

construction worker died after falling from an Amazon warehouse

A construction worker died after falling from an Amazon warehouse. The Kern County coroner identified 42-year-old Brien James Daunt of Rancho Cucamonga as the victim of the incident.

The Kern County Fire Department confirmed that the victim was pronounced dead after the accident on Saturday. Daunt fell off a warehouse structure located off Petrol Road near Meadows Field Airport.

Battalion Chief Jason Schillinger said that safety is a number one priority of facilities with a lot of construction. “So from a Kern County Fire Department standpoint we need to make sure we stay safe and individuals around us stay safe.”

Further details are currently under investigation by OSHA.  

A Brief Summary of Work-Related Deaths

In 2016 the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released a report indicating a number of deaths and fatal injuries that occur on different workplaces. A total of 5,200 of Americans died, with 14 people suffering fatal work injuries everyday that year.

Most Common Causes of Workplace Fatalities

  • Transportation – 40%
  • Violence – 17%
  • Slips, trips, and falls – 16%
  • Contact with equipment – 15%
  • Contact with harmful substances/environments – 10%

Most Common Occupations with the Highest Workplace Fatalities

  • Sales drivers/Truck drivers – 918
  • Farmers/ranchers – 260
  • Grounds maintenance – 217
  • First-line construction supervisors and extraction workers – 134
  • Roofers – 101

Transportation sectors are the most common occupation areas with the highest number of fatalities, followed by violence from people or animals. Contact with harmful substances/environments came in at the last spot with 10% fatalities. Drivers are more prone to accidents, along with farmers and agricultural managers, while grounds maintenance came in third.

Looking at the Numbers

  • 50,000 to 60,000 workers died from occupational diseases
  • Over 5,000 workers were killed in the job, a 4,000 increase in the previous year.
  • States with the highest job fatality rates: Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota.
  • 150 workers died each day from hazardous working conditions.
Occupations with the Highest Workplace Fatalities

Safety for American Workers


Safety is still an issue among American workers, with accidents increasing significantly since 2016. The AFL-CIO released a report that shows evidence of state’s safety and health protections for workers. Accidents, injuries, and deaths among workers have remained high.

Companies should always ensure employees are safe in their workplace and prevent events that can cause accidents in the future. OSHA has provided a number of safety and prevention programs to help mitigate work-related accidents, as well as workplace violence.

Work-Related Death and Injury – Bringing the Law to Your Side

When a person dies or gets injured at work, it can take a toll on their family. Work-related deaths often happen due to negligence of another party. Taking legal action is the only way to protect your family and get justice for your loved one. Talk to the attorneys at Williams Kherkher and let our experienced work injury lawyers in Texas help deliver justice to your case. Visit our Houston office today or call (713) 352-7071.



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